20 Years of Nike SB - Celebration Day

It’s a Celebration, Stitches

Embracing the ethos that any day is worth celebrating, SB flipped that idea and started timing releases around major and sometimes, invented holidays. April’s significant numerology turned high honor to tradition, with a string of always anticipated 4/20 Dunks along with celebrations of Mexican heritage, Hallmark Holidays, and even Pagan celebrations of Samhain. Year after year as the releases stacked up, the SB design team and its coconspirators have used shoes and dates to master the art of anticipation.

420 Hemp Dunk Pack

Sustainability that blazed a new trail for several stoners, the Hemp Pack introduced new materials to the Dunk Low in 2004. Aligning with April’s highest honored day, the Hemp Pack set off a new tradition of 4/20 releases that would later include takes by Todd Bratrud, creating new SB strains annually.

Concepts TurDUNKen

As one of the first boutiques in Boston to treat sneakers as a culture, not commerce, Concepts 2008 Lobster Dunk introduced the shop’s snarky design style and prowess. As the rubber-banded Lobster Dunks hinted, SB and Concepts were perfect partners to make holiday traditions even weirder, culminating in 2020 with the turDUNKen. Strap in. Featuring a Nike Dri-FIT sock stuff in a duck-inspired Dunk High, the shoe included plenty of leftovers, including a Nerf football, custom box, and turkey wrapping paper.

Mummy Dunk

When Nike SB unwrapped its sequel to 2019’s “Night of Mischief” release in 2021, few expected a glow-in-the-dark twist on Egyptian embalming. Featuring a tear-away canvas “Mummy” upper, ancient symbols mixed with classic Halloween mirth, piercing yet playful heel embroidery, and added frights when the lights go down.

Strangelove Dunk

Controversial and iconic, Sean Cliver has been a driving force in board graphics for decades. With Strangelove Skate Company, Cliver is celebrating the art and craft of putting graphics on seven plys. The Strangelove Dunk turns up the love just in time for Valentine’s Day with crushed velvet underlays, a Strangelove crest embroidered on the heel and pink translucent outsole stuffed with red and blue heart confetti. Spread the love.