20 Years of Nike SB - Football

Kicking Off a New Era

Skaters have always flirted with football shoes for their low profile and slim design, and that makes sense. Both are foot-driven sports that put a lot of miles and wear on your sneakers. But there’s more. As skateboarding was growing globally, so was soccer and the aesthetics were changing. Visible tattoos, wild hair, and plenty of flair, SB and Sandy Bodecker saw the synergy and developed shoes, kits, and concepts that drew the two worlds closer together, adding a new dynamic to SB’s core.

Zoom SB Stand Up Speak Up

With racial tensions rising on the pitch and in stadiums, Nike SB sought to bridge the gap between skate and football culture with a bold statement, bigger than sport. The Nike Zoom FC Speak Up, Stand Up used stark colors and a direct message to take a stance, along with interwoven wristbands distributed in Europe, encouraging supporters to condemn racism.

Boca Jr Dunk

First released in 2005 and inspired by the Argentinian football team’s historic run, The Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Boca Jr. returned 12 years later with the same iconic colorway, opting for suede overlays and updated tech. Along with its bold colors, The Boca Jr. was truly a trifecta, fusing football, basketball, and skateboarding’s vibrant cultures into another iconic Dunk.

SB Lunar Gato World Cup Pack

As the world’s largest game approached in 2014, Nike SB went big with a four-shoe pack honoring the World Cup and some of its major players. With the Nike SB Lunar Gato as the vehicle, four mostly monochrome colorways launched representing Brazil, England, France, and Holland’s kits. Why the Gato? With its low profile and grippy gum sole, it was a shoe SB riders had already taken to and ready for the SB treatment.