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Adrian Del Campo: Pro


The end of September in Amsterdam is that time of the year when you feel like everything starts going downhill. The energy of summer is gone and good times under the sun are becoming a distant memory. Luckily, I soon found myself ordering a pincho de tortilla right in the heart of Madrid with a clear mission in mind: celebrate the recently obtained PRO status of Adrian Del Campo. Words: Gabriel M. | Pictures: Marcel V.

The slicked back hair and intense stare might look serious and intimidating, but you should know he’s one of the most charming characters we have on the team. Adri has an effortless style and energetic personality. He’s always cheeky, joking around and never turns down an opportunity to get the crew to have a good time.

I gathered some friends for a few days of exploring the streets that have seen the evolution of Adri into the skater and gentleman he is today. Adri’s long-time friend and legendary skate photographer Marcel Veldman was along for the ride. Years of skating and shooting together have created a relationship between these two that is a pleasure to witness.

Another legend to sign on was Mr. Enrique Mayor. Enrique has been the man behind the lens through the vast majority of Adri’s footage and has played a key role in supporting his career. He was especially happy to join us in Madrid. Not only was he proud of Adri’s achievements and excited to share this moment with him, but you could also see how relaxed and chill he felt rolling through the city without his camera backpack for once.

A conceptual video piece exploring Madrid's skateboarding scene.

The cherry on top was the arrival of The Skate Mental squad. Commanded by captain Brad Staba, who hand-carried the pro boards himself all the way from the States, and joined by partners in crime Giorgi Balkhamishvili and Wieger Van Wageningen. Just when we thought the gang was all there, another good friend and local hero, Andrew Verde, joined the party.

Before we knew it, the crew was assembled at SK8LAND. Adrian’s beloved old-school Mercedes shined on the fresh new Skate Mental board. He entered the party, the shop exploded, bottles were popped and a wave of cava flowed while the locals cheered. Surrounded by friends and family, tears flooded the place and Adrian couldn’t have been happier. We premiered his video part and, as the crowd screamed in celebration of every banger, the evening started to get blurry.

The next morning, we woke up in a haze. We knew it was mission accomplished: we got together, we skated, we celebrated.

Congratulations Adrian.

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