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Bruin React


We caught up with the unstoppable Sky Brown after she put a pair of Bruin Reacts through their paces at the skatepark. From the super cushy React midsole to the durable, wearmapped tread pattern, we got down to the details with Sky.

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Sky Brown
Hey, SB! Thanks for the awesome new shoes!

Nike SB
Hey, Sky! Looking good! Love that fresh new Bruin React!
Just realized that you're SB and we're SB. So, uh. Yay!

Lol. Never thought of that. #SB4lyfe
Really love the Bruins, tho. So super cushy.

Totally. Gotta love that React foam. Feels like a running shoe but the style and ride is all skateboarding.


Nailed it! Landings feel so good...
Best feeling ever!

That's rad, Sky! We designed it to stand up to super gnarly sessions. That midsole is pure React—built for basketball shoes and then tucked away in the Bruin.

Oh. My. Gosh. Just pulled out the midsole!
Super awesome! I wanna hide this in some other shoes...

Ha. You didn't hear it from us, but it might fit in an old pair of Chuck Taylors.

What do you think of the tread?

Way fun. Kinda grrrrrr. All wavy and weird. What's up with that?

Just a little extra where you need it, and less where you don't. We looked at a bunch of old shoes and re-designed the treat to be strong in high-wear spots.

So awesome!

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Nike React technology is scientifically designed to blend durability and energy transfer with ultimate comfort and cushioning. Originally designed for basketball, React quickly became a favorite of road runners and now has arrived in its first skate shoe

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