Colin Sussingham’s “Boys”

I️ didn't set out to make a book. Honestly, I️ don’t think it could even exist if it was a premeditated idea. But a couple years ago I was discussing ideas for long term projects with my friend Brian over happy hour margaritas. He made it clear that the photos I️ was shooting every day were already a project sitting right in front of me. From there, it still took me another two years of shooting and editing to get the finished product. "Boys" is the culmination of a decade spent photographing my experiences skateboarding in NYC. It’s a document of the crew I️ skated with every day, the countless hours sitting at guzzle/sideyard, and the hundreds, even thousands of miles we skated throughout the city. -Colin Sussingham, NYC, 2019


This was from a night when Max and I went out to try and shoot this ollie. He set up this little ramp and started trying to ollie. Totally unplanned, It was just one of those lucky moments where neither Max or I saw them coming and we were like ok try one, maybe this could be an interesting shot. I just love the juxtaposition of the Hassidic couple, the man dressed in the traditional garb, and max just flying by. They're totally unfazed that this long haired guy is coming at them full speed.

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Since 2008 I've had a car in the city. People often assume it's inconvenient or an annoyance thing to have but I've always loved it and parking in Brooklyn isn't so bad. At first it was a '93 Buick century, then I got a hand-me-down '03 Honda Oddyssey (think I still owe my dad some money for it, sorry dad!) The Honda was great because we could all pile in and just drive to all different parts of the city and the tri-state area. No surprise that the transmission eventually went since we were putting 6-9 people in it every day. These are just some snapshots from my place in the driver's seat (on me and on the car). Definitely had some of the best times just driving around looking at spots and shooting the shit.

I've always loved the feeling of this photo, I'm not sure exactly why. I think it was a nice fall day, I can still feel the warmth when I look at it. This was in Conor's room at sideyard, just watching some clips before we went out and skated. I don't think there's anything special about this particular moment in time, because it was honestly like this all the time. I think it's the comfort in the repetition of the things. The routine, before the spontaneous. Maybe that's why I love skating so much? The guarantee of spontaneity? or maybe it's just fun to do nose manuals, I don't know.

Colin Sussingham’s “Boys” available September 18th.


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