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Deedz in NYC


In September of 2019, Deedz linked up with the New York homies to hit the streets, skate some legendary spots and catch a couple waves with Alex Olson. Featuring Andrew Wilson, Loose Trucks Max, Caleb and Cyrus. Watch the vid and then read a bit more about Deedz’s adventures in NYC and why pizza can be for dessert.

Deedz: I currently live in my hometown, Larvik, Norway - a small city about 2 hours from Oslo. Recently I’ve been on a lot of trips and traveling but these days I'm trying to spend more time in Oslo.

SB: Has NYC been on your list of places you wanted to visit/skate for a while?

Yes NYC has definitely been on the list of places I've wanted to visit and skate for a while, it was my first time to NYC and I had a really good time!

SB: Did it live up to your expectations? Why is NY such a great place for skating?

Yes it lived up to my expectations and more! I had a lot of fun and loved the city and everyone I met was super cool.

For me, NY is such a great place to skate because the city’s got everything: rough spots, good ground, traffic, they got pretty much everything you want, there are all kinds of spots from the big ones you see in videos to just small cutty spots all over the city.

Rough spots, good ground, traffic — pretty much everything you want...

SB: What are some types of terrain that is specific to NY that you were wanting to skate?

Cellar doors are so sick. I wish there was an opportunity to skate Brooklyn Banks but it’s all fenced off and they have security guards watching now. Lame.

SB: What's your favorite New York skate part? Any you grew up watching?

I couldn’t pick out just one part...there are so many, a few of the hits:

Jake Johnson, especially his Mind Field part, Anthony Pappalardo, Bobby Puleo, Supreme, 917, the list goes on!

SB: Did you have a favorite spot from the trip?

DG: Just being in the city, skating from spot to spot, being out in the traffic.

SB: How was the surf in Rockaway Beach?

DG: That was amazing! Thank you Andrew for taking me, had so much fun that we went there two days in a row and I went straight from Rockaway to the airport the last day.

SB: Outside of skateboarding, how did NY compare to other major cities you’ve traveled to?

DG: NYC is amazing, great people, great food and all of that - the city’s got it all!

SB: Favorite non-skate memory from the trip?

DG: Favorite non-skate memory, being in the city, walking around, surfing and hanging at the beach eating acai bowls, AN CHOI!

I think I had pizza every day...

SB: Who did you skate with and had you met some of those guys before?

DG: I mostly skated around with Andrew Wilson, Max Palmer, Karim, Cyrus Bennett and we always meet up with a lot of dudes, good crew!

I had only meet Andrew before, I meet him in Copenhagen, great person, great skateboarder

SB: You have any plans to go back?


SB: Did you get some real fuckin' New York Pizza? How was it?

DG: I got some real fuckin PIZZA there! I think I had pizza every day while I was there if we didn't eat pizza for dinner I had it for dessert! haha

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