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In 1996, Elissa Steamer pushed her way into skateboarding’s spotlight with a stand-out style that transcended gender and commanded respect. Through video and grassroots touring, Elissa—nicknamed “Gizmo”—instantly became a favorite to many and an icon to generations, eventually becoming the most accomplished female skater of her era. Proof that progression in skateboarding is more than just tricks.

GIZMO—Nike SB’s first all-women's skate video—is an homage to Elissa and testament of what’s to come. Featuring Lacey Baker, Leticia Bufoni, Hayley Wilson, Sarah Meurle, Josie Millard, Nicole Hause, and Elissa Steamer and directed by Jason Hernandez with assistance from Tyler Smolinksi, GIZMO is dedicated to those breaking open new lanes.

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Before Wheels of Fortune 2019 kicked off in Seattle, the GIZMO crew hit up Bellevue Skate Plaza. Join Elissa, Lacey, Sarah and Leticia’s session.

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Javier Sarmiento – 'Jarana' Filmed over the last 4 years with Enrique Mayor and additional filming from Nono. Some of the clips had already been used, some unseen but all of it is gold.

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