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Interview: Jacopo Carozzi


Jacopo Carozzi has been menacing the ledges of Milan for years. To celebrate his Thrasher part, we caught up with Jacopo and talked about his favorite skaters, what makes the Milano Centrale plaza so iconic and his favorite era of disco. Come for Jacopo’s signature blend of aggression and finesse and stay for a back tail that will set your hair on fire.

Nike SB: Tell us about how you got started skateboarding? What got you sparked on it?

Jacopo Carozzi: I started skating back in 2006, I remember seeing this group of skaters passing by and I straight got into it. I followed them to the spot to see what they were doing and at some point, I just asked them to try it out. 2 hours later my mum bought me a skateboard from a fishing shop downtown on the seaside. It was love at first sight.

I guess one of the best things about skateboarding is being free to do it however you want, no need to follow any rules. It's just all about having fun!

SB: We heard you like to DJ. What’s currently on your playlist, Italo Disco?

JC: I listen to a lot of different styles of music, but yeah, recently I've been a lot into 80’s disco music. One of my favorite artists ever is Giorgio Moroder. He is basically the founder of Italo Disco music. I’m also very into rap music.

SB: ‘Where do you get your inspiration? Do you follow a lot of other skaters?

JC: I always get a lot of inspiration from skaters around the world. Reynolds, Daan, Bryan Herman, the whole Baker crew has always been so inspiring to me. But I also try to improvise. Once you’ve learned a trick you first saw someone else do, you can always add your own touch to it.

SB: Tell us about ‘Milano Centrale’, the iconic skate spot you frequent almost every day?

JC: It is probably the only plaza like that left in the world since they closed down Love Park. Just hanging out at a place where you are in direct connection with everyone makes it really dope. A lot of people pass by the train station every day for different reasons, so just living that plaza life makes me wanna go there every day. It also has the most beautiful ledges ever, don't get me wrong!

SB: What’s your favorite Nike SB footwear style and why? Do you change styles frequently?

JC: Recently I’ve been skating the Janoski slip. With the slip-on I just feel like I have more control. It’s like skating with socks - you fully use every part of your foot. I also like the Bruin and the GT Blazer, but I’m just too lazy to tie up my laces sometimes.

Skateboarding is just a way to express oneself, don't get scared if you fall. Just get up and try it again and you will eventually succeed!

SB: Who on the SB team inspires you the most?

Of course, Koston has always been a big influence on my skating, but once I met him he easily just became one of my favorite skaters. He’s just so fun to hang out with and he’s simply the best on the board, so much control. One of the all-time greats.

SB: What advice would you give to young kids who are just starting out skateboarding?

JC: Skateboarding isn’t a competition to see who’s better. Skateboarding is just a way to express oneself, don't get scared if you fall. Just get up and try it again and you will eventually succeed!

SB: Tell us about the Thrasher video series you’re doing with your friend and videographer Yoan?

Yoan and I love working together, He’s one of a kind between the lens, he pretty much skates when he films. After we worked on the train station video part, I just knew he was the guy that I wanted to film with. I never feel any pressure with him, and he can make everything look so good! We’re just gonna hit the streets and filming.

In 2020, filming a full part is a different thing. I mean, everyone still does it. But with Instagram, a lot of people just film with their phone and get the footage out straight away...Definitely easier than holding onto the footage to work on a longer project. It’s hard for us in Milan also to work on a full part as there aren’t very many filmers. So the only way to film tricks is by using your phone. Having a project to work on really gathers all the people together!

SB: What are you working on next?

JC: Me and Yoan are gonna work on another part in Sicily this summer, and as soon as I’m able to go to the States I’d like to go over and film a part for Baker!