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DISC: Extras


We're pulling out the hard slams, almost-makes, and extra tricks like cold pizza out of the fridge the morning after an epic party. Keep up with the lads from down under in Disc: Extras.

Nike SB Australia: DISC

In the age of instant gratification, it's almost hard to remember a time when skate videos were a physical, tangible thing and not just a YouTube link or an Instagram clip.

With DISC, our SB Australia team riders—Ben Lawrie, Rowan Davis, Noah Nayef and Sam Sutton have been putting in the work, getting clips and crushing discs (Australian slang for cheap pizza) like they've been doing for years.

Name: Ben Lawrie Age: 21 Hometown: Melbourne, VIC Sponsors: Nike SB, Polar (flow), Fast Times, Thunder, Modus, Ganj Wax Favorite skate spot: Lincoln Square (RIP) Go-to pizza toppings: Cheese, tomato, chili and basil Favorite skate video on a DVD: Secky Presh

Name: Rowan Davis Age: 18 Hometown: Medowie, NSW Sponsors: Nike SB, Indy, Sanbah Favorite skate spot: Racba (plaza in Newcastle) Go-to pizza toppings: Ham & cheese, add pineapple so it’s $5 (cheaper than ordering a Hawaiian) Favorite skate video on a DVD: Duncan’s @ Three

Name: Noah Nayef Age: 17 Hometown: Bankstown, Sydney Sponsors: Nike SB, April Skateboards, Modus Bearings, UPS Skateshop Favorite skate spot: Taylor Square Go-to pizza toppings: Capsicum, mushrooms, tomato, onions Favorite skate video on DVD: Static 4/5

Name: Sam Sutton Age: 18 Home Town: Central Coast, Australia Sponsors: Nike SB, Krooked, Spitfire, Thunder Favorite skate spot: Taylor Square Go-to pizza toppings: Anything with chili flakes on top Favorite skate video on DVD: Let's Live

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