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Nike SB x Stüssy


To kick off the new Nike SB x Stüssy collab, Lance Mountain stayed true to his D.I.Y. roots: His Blazer comes with a stencil. You supply the paint. Watch Lance add the finishing touches, then watch him, Kevin Terpening, Caleb Barnett and Aaron Loreth put his Blazer Mid—and Terps’s low-key Blazer Low—to work.

"Whether it's in the terrain, riding something new or in a different way, or in the maneuvers, the story of progressive skateboarding is creating with individuality and bringing something completely new to it. It's about the creative experience in skateboarding—the whole essence of riding a skateboard is that each individual gets to bring new ideas and breaking boundaries, open to interpretation. By doing creative things, intertwined and alongside of it, is all part of showing the inventive core—because the whole aspect of skateboarding is a creative expression." — Lance Mountain