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Not Here By Luck: Gizmo


While the Gizmo crew was out in London for the global premiere, we got together with riders Elissa Steamer, Sarah Meurle and Nicole Hause – as well as the man behind the lens, Jason Hernandez. Over the course of our conversation, they told us about their experiences skating together for the video, doing things their own way and seeing the evolution of women’s skateboarding in real-time. Gizmo is the culmination of connecting skate legends with up-and-comers to continue building the legacy of women in skateboarding. From the theater in London to a skateshop in LA and friends’ basements across the world, the message reverberated loud and clear: women are out here, laying a path of destruction on every spot in their way and there’s no stopping them. Video: Wasted Talent

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STAND OUT: Nicole Hause

We talked to Nicole about her current favorite pair of SBs, getting DMs from sneakerheads and the best advice she got from P-Rod about collecting skate shoes.

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Javier Sarmiento – 'Jarana' Filmed over the last 4 years with Enrique Mayor and additional filming from Nono. Some of the clips had already been used, some unseen but all of it is gold.

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