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Not Here By Luck: Sarah Meurle

Hailing from a small village called Blentarp, located in the Swedish country-side near Malmö, you wouldn’t think skateboarding would be the first hobby to cross Sarah’s path. Although her encounter with the wooden toy happened early on, and when she started telling me about how she started out, her story felt oddly relatable and should be to numeral people. “As I was growing up, there was a wave of skateboarding happening in my town: A couple of kids who were a little older than me used to go skate around the school, and when I saw it, I was like “this looks super fun and I want to try it”. I then started with a friend of mine who happened to be in my class. Later on, we borrowed my aunt’s VHS camera to film each other. We used to record on the band, rewind it manually and re-record on it to do our edits. My friend stopped skateboarding not long after, but I stuck with it.”

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