Orange Label x Kevin Bradley


Swerving through LA traffic, blowing the minds of the peanut gallery at Venice, or kicking it with his dogs in the backyard, KB is pure flow. Keep your head in the clouds and your wheels on the ground and check out KB’s Orange Label collection, only available in skate shops.

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Photos by Kevin

I really like the rain, my grandma really liked the rain, so I wanted to make it look like a cloud and they came out pretty hard.

The cloud swoosh and the raindrops on the back. For a rainy day.

I’ll order tacos and order a burrito on the side just in case.

You can’t do the salt without the pepper, even in Salt n Pepa, can’t do the salt without the pepper.

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Orange Label x Kevin Bradley

KB's Orange Label collection launches June 2. Only available in skateshops.
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Kevin Bradley


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