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Orange Label x Oski


The young gun rips anything in his path: from pools to parks to sketchy banks, hangs with the canine homies and finds ways to get extra air just about anywhere he goes. Check the Extras from Oski's Orange Label part.

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Lallig - the word describes an approach. A form of very loose yet genius behavior. Oski swims through the seas of life amid the sharks, the clouds, the endless transitions and the waves of orange corduroy.

Nike SB: Tell us a little bit about your Orange Label collection?

Oski Rozenberg: Designing a collection for Nike is definitely a big deal for me. As soon as I got the word that it was going down, I knew I was going to put in the time and effort to make something that I personally would love to see and wear. It ended up being a mix of pieces where some are pretty wild and crazy like the shark shoe, and some are more mellow, like the thermals for example. I definitely got a lot of inspiration from older Nike designs that you don’t see too often but also a lot from my friends and people that I look up to. My goal with this collection was to do something that had never been done before by Nike but still wearable so people can still rock it.

I had the privilege and honor of being trusted to pretty much make whatever I wanted, which was exactly what I needed in order to make my ideas become a reality. Around the beginning of the project, I injured both of my wrists and had surgery so I spent time that I usually would have been traveling and skateboarding getting into the design process.

I’m very grateful that something like this could come out of a situation where I was being forced to stay away from something I love. I’m also thankful for all the help I got from my friends and especially the Nike SB design team in Oregon that provided their great knowledge and experience needed in order to make it all work out.

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From colors occurring in nature or on the streets – navy like water or red like blood.

SB: Where did you get your inspiration for the colors?

OR: From everywhere. From colors occurring in nature or on the streets - navy like water or red like blood. As far as what colors I chose to go with for the collection I would say it’s a matter of personal preference. I am definitely a fan of bright colors in general but I also like to wear more mellow vibes like black and grey as well. I like when you mix colors that go well together. That’s why I used a lot of the same/recurring colors in the collection: Off white, navy, black, red, white, but then also some green, blue, yellow and orange which is my favorite color.

When I put on a fit and I feel like it’s a wet one, it just makes me feel more comfortable on the board. Whatever makes someone feel comfortable is what I would say looks best on that person.

SB: How did you end up going to Bryggeriets gymnasium for school?

OR: Growing up in Malmö, I always kind of knew about the school but I never really had the mindset that I was going to study there because I was young and did not think about the future. I was just skating every day, not worrying about anything else than what was happening at the time. The good shrimp mindset.

A few years later, one day when I was skating my local park, John Dalqvist was there (vice principal of the skate school & Malmö legend). I knew him a little before but that day he was hanging out on the tranny section, not the street. I remember that we were chilling behind the big bank and he asked me if I could do a fly up back tail pop in on the middle of the bank. I did it after a couple tries and he got really stoked on it. After we talked about the school and I had a feeling that it was meant to be for me to go there. So I did.

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What’s your favorite Swedish slang word and what does it mean?

OR: Lallig - the word describes an approach. A form of very loose yet genius behavior, hard to put into words, like the skate style of Ville Wester or a compilation of YouTube - bangers put together by Peter Stege.

Are there any Swedish skate terms we don’t know?

OR: Lallig is also a skate term. It gets thrown around frequently while watching Brent Atchleys part in Elementality.

Favorite Swedish band?

OR: The Latin Kings, they’re OG Swedish hip hop.

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Take us through your average day in Malmö?

OR: Wake up, go straight to the new indoor skatepark in folkets park. Blast the shit out of some frontside airs in the deep end and then head straight down to the street course to practice my tre flips and switch heels.

If we were to visit for a day, where would you take us?

OR: Stapelbaddsparken, the beach, folkets park, spoonery, Zlatan Statue, my crib and then catch the train to Copenhagen with a good crew to link up with de gang.

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I feel like if you can do anything as effortless as a fish can swim you're doing it right.

SB: What’s up with the sharks?

OR: I’ve always been intimidated by sharks. They look so brutal and they move so skillfully through the water. They are the kings of their environment in my eyes. One of my favorite animals and just really iconic looking. I feel like if you can do anything as effortless as a fish can swim you’re doing it right. Therefore I would also say it’s a representation of mastering any skill. Plus the shark as the Swoosh on the shoe looks dope.

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Orange Label x Oski

Oski’s Orange Label Blazer Mid and apparel, including jacket, hoodie, top and T-shirt, launch December 14. Oski’s Orange Label Dunk High launches December 21. The collection is available exclusively at local skate shops.
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