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Oski Rozenberg is yet another skate great to come out of Malmö’s Byrggeriet high school - a.k.a. the ‘skateboarding high school.’

Light footed and effortlessly technical, he’s on another level. So we caught up with Oski to get the lowdown on his background, goals and inspirations.

Nike SB: What have you been up to so far this year?

Oski: I have spent time in Austin, Texas on a skate trip and then I came back home to Malmö, Sweden a week ago. It's been nice to spend some more time with my family and friends again after having moved to the US.

SB: What’s your favorite thing to do besides skateboarding?

OR: I would say connecting with people, traveling to new places, progressing, and being in nature.

Be yourself and don't be afraid of being serious with your goals.

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SB: If you weren’t a professional skateboarder, what job would you be doing?

OR: I really don't know, maybe an artist or an actor, although I would not say I'm very good at those things. I feel like skateboarding gave me a lot of purpose in life. I’m lucky that I found my passion at such an early age.

SB: When was the moment you realized skateboarding was something you wanted to do full-time?

OR: When I was 15 years old, Pontus Alv asked me what shoe brand I'd like to skate for. I said I wanted to skate for Nike, but wasn't expecting to be signing a contract. Just a few months later that changed a lot for me and I was just really happy. My family was proud of me too and I felt really lucky to be provided the opportunity to do what I love doing.

SB: You look up to and find inspiration from high profile sportsmen and women, can you share some examples?

OR: I have a long list of skateboarders that I'm a big fan of... Tony Hawk, Ishod, Gino, the list goes on. I have a lot of Jordan gear... and then Serena Williams of course. Kobe, RIP.

SB: What is it about skateboarding that attracted you in the first place?

OR: The fun, freedom, and creative challenges. The community and age diversity.

SB: Compared to how skateboarding was perceived when you first started - how different is it for this new generation?

OR: When I started out skateboarding a lot of things were different. A lot is still the same fundamentally, but it's great to see changes such as more minorities come into the space and get the praise and respect they deserve. It's really important for the next generation to feel represented and welcomed in our world.

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SB: You are very mindful of body and self and the way it can influence the way you ride your skateboard, can you give us some insights into how you prepare and equip yourself mentally and physically?

OR: First and foremost, I try to make sure I'm happy. You never know how long life will last. I try to achieve happiness by having a good balance in my life. I think that one of the most important factors in order to have a good balance when it comes to happiness is to stay away from addictions, since I believe addiction (especially drugs & alcohol) leads to depression. Some other things I do are spend time with family and friends, take care of myself, try my best, have some fun, try to find purpose, exercise, sleep, try to eat well, avoiding depression but still trying to allow myself to be bored sometimes. Try to be nice to everyone, have compassion for others, learn when I've made mistakes... I feel like all of this effects my ability to progress in life and skateboarding too.

SB: Was there an ultimate threshold moment when you knew skateboarding would be come your life?

OR: Yes. It's crazy because I knew the very first day of skating.

SB: You always looked up to Grant Taylor and eventually through skateboarding and SB became close team mates and friends. Since then you have travelled and spent a lot of time together, is that surreal or just normal?

OR: It is surreal. I think I was a little scared of him before I met him, just because of his skateboarding being so brutal and also watching him break some things in the x games office on live stream after getting second place that one year. That was so funny, I loved that. Once I got to know him, I realized he was just as funny in real life, but also super nice and humble.

SB: Besides the launch of your Dunk High, what’s next for you?

OR: I’m going to be spending time with everyone here back home for a while and then move back to the US later this year.

SB: Finally, what advice would you give to anyone looking to get into skateboarding, that you wish someone told you?

OR: Be yourself and don't be afraid of being serious with your goals.

Oski Dunk High

Speed, power, and unpredictability. The sequel to Oski’s first Dunk High colorway keeps the legacy alive.

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The Oski Dunk High releases in select skateshops March 12.