Nike SB X Polaroid: A Different Snapshot

Photography and skateboarding have always been closely tied, one always existing with the other. Because of skateboarding’s heavily documented nature, the portrayal of a more varied world of skaters is opening up the world of boarding for creatives from all orientations.

To celebrate the interconnected world’s of skateboarding and photography, we’ve dug into the vaults and reimagined the Dunk SB Low. The fresh colorway and use of symbol is inspired by Poloroid’s iconic look, while the silhouette remains the same, honoring skateboarding’s diverse and growing community.

Shifting Perceptions

To commemorate this release, we hit up photographer and Nike SB skater Sarah Meurle to capture the shoe and what it represents. Sarah travelled to Barcelona, where she linked up with her teammate Brian Anderson to skate the streets and shoot the Polaroid Dunks in action.

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Photography and skateboarding are linked in a lot of ways. You start looking at the world differently. A city opens in a different way.

- Sarah Meurle

Diversifying the Streets

Throughout the day, Sarah and Brian talk about skateboarding’s close ties to creativity, Sarah’s passion for photography, and its role in kicking down the door for more female, LGBTQ+, and non-binary representation in skateboarding.

Female photographers like Sarah are just so important because she is going to inspire so many other young women. Creativity is important and now it’s being reinforced more than ever.

- Brian Anderson

Skateboarding Pride

Diversity. Camera. Action. The video below draws from Sarah’s experiences as a female skater/photographer and Brian’s journey of coming out during the height of his legendary skateboarding career. From the point of view of the photographer, it celebrates the people who are both documenting and pushing for change.

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Nike SB | Polaroid

Photography's role in skateboarding cannot be overstated. When you first start skating, it’s a portal for inspiration and discovery - an introduction to a new world that lies beyond your hometown.

The Polaroid Dunk Low releases globally in skateshops and SNKRS April 5th. US SNKRS April 12.