Skaters go through plenty of pairs of shoes, but some always stand out among the rest. We talked to JB about his current favorite pair of SBs, waiting months for a single pair of sneakers, and the time one of his shoes got a goodnight kiss.

Nike SB: Name of shoe and year it came out?

JB Gillet: That Orange Label Dunk Low Infrared that came out this past January.

SB: What do you like about it?

JB: That colorway from the iconic Air Max 90 just works so well on it. Plus the materials they used make the shoe so nice to skate. A masterpiece!

SB: Have you ever skated a pair?

JB: I skated a pair, still skating it. That’s what I love about the Dunk. They last long, and are still so good to skate even if they look worn out.

SB: Which shoe do you wish you had in your collection?

JB: That “Midnight Navy” Koston Jordan 1 Low. Might be my all time favorite shoe to skate!

SB: Would you trade this pair for it?

JB: We would need to have some heavy negotiations!

SB: Strangest thing someone has offered you for the pair off your feet?

JB: A while ago, before I was on SB, I made some Kobe 6s from the Nike ID store on the website. I was wearing them one night out on the town. Some drunk dude in front of a liquor store started getting obsessed with them. Talking about how dope they were for 15 minutes straight. Then he wanted to buy them. He ended up giving the shoe a goodbye kiss while I was sitting on a bench!

SB: Greatest length you’ve gone to get a pair?

JB: Not sure. Back in 1999-2000, I gave some cash to a girl that was taking a trip to the US and asked her to buy me some Air Max TNs. The white leather with a black sole that you couldn’t find in Europe. I had to wait for two months for them!

SB: First pair of SB’s that you decided to save?

JB: I think some Koston Maxes, just to chill in.

SB: Any other non-SB Nike’s you collect?

JB: Mostly Air Max and Air Force 1 Lows. Those have been my favorite shoes since the 90s. I also got two of the big Bearbrick Medicom 1000% figures that came out with the Bearbrick Dunks a while back.

SB: What does the person you live with think of the space required to house your collection?

JB: She thinks that it takes up way too much space and that I'm crazy for always wanting more! I’m addicted to Nike!

SB: Who has the best collection on the SB team?

JB: Not sure, could be P-Rod, or Koston.