Views from CPH: The Champ, The OG, The Local, and The First Timer


The Copenhagen Open dust settled a couple weeks ago, so we checked in with four team riders to get their perspectives on the contest. From an OG who’s been going since 2008 to a first-timer, here are more reasons you don’t want to miss Copenhagen Pro 2023.

The OG: Eric Koston

Were you enlisted by CPH crew to spread the word? Tell us about it...

EK: The first time I went to CPH Pro was 2008 because William had reached out to me to come. It had been a long time since I’d been to Copenhagen and I remembered how much fun I had the last time I was there, so I wanted to go back. After that contest I remember William telling me to bring back more friends next year. I had a great time, so why wouldn’t I want more of my friends to come along next time. The rest is history.

What makes Copenhagen a good family destination? How much fun did Fynn have now that he skates?

EK: Copenhagen is a great city for a family. It’s not that big, easy to get around on bikes/train, plenty of attractions, good food and nice people.I’m pretty hyped to see Fynn get so obsessed with skating. He wanted to be out skating with me and the crew all day. He had so much fun and never wanted it to stop. I know the feeling as well and I’m so stoked to have him experience that.

What are some good family attractions?

EK: First off, it's Tivoli, one of the oldest running theme parks in the world—it’s still entertaining for everyone.

You can rent GoBoats and cruise through the harbor and canals. There’s Reffen, a.k.a. Copenhagen Street Food, which is a huge outdoor venue with lots of very good food options to choose from. Nyhavn is iconic and a must see if you’ve never been.

If you feel like hopping on a train for 35 minuets from central station, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is awesome.

All the parks in the city are great. If it’s warm out, Havnebadet Islands Brygge is a swimming area in the harbor with springboards and multi-level platforms to hop into the water. The list can go on...

Talk about Friday’s side mission, where’d you go, who was there?

EK: Sometimes with all the crowds at the events, it can become a little overwhelming. Since the majority headed 45 minutes outside of CPH, some of us didn’t feel up for the trek and wanted to skate around the city without the crowds. We got a good crew together, Grant, Stefan, Ishod, Gerwer, Jake, Hayley, Ronnie, Seven, Troy, Karsten etc. and we all skated the DIY bank-to-wall spot, Hullet and capped off the day at women's night at the indoor park. It was a super fun day with friends. That’s all you need.

What keeps you coming back to Copenhagen?

EK: For starters, just look back at everything I previously said. After all these years of going there, I’ve also made a lot of good friends from CPH as well. We come here to take all that in. You’re out all day/night riding around on bikes, eating good food, skating and spending time with friends. That will always keep me coming back.

Who do you crown King or Queen of Copenhagen?

EK: I don’t think I could crown a king/queen of Copenhagen. I feel like they should appoint themselves based on how much fun you had there.

The Champ: Keet Oldenbeuving

How does Copenhagen compare to Tokyo?

KO: CPH is much freer than Tokyo. Tokyo was an unreal and bizarre experience with a lot of rules and restrictions whilst Copenhagen was very free. Everyone was skating together. Girls and guys. I liked both the events very much.

What does this win mean to you?

KO: This win is very special. Copenhagen Open is one of the most talked about and well-known events every year. I am super stoked to have won it.

How’d you like the contest format skating with guys in heats and finals?

KO: I loved that during this format we were skating with the guys. It definitely helped with the hype and it was cool doing it a different way.

How was the women’s night at CPH Skatepark?

KO: Women’s night was amazing. A lot of women came. More than I expected. It was a really fun session together and all the girls killed it!

Who do you crown King or Queen of Copenhagen?

KO: I would crown Maité Steenhoudt as queen of Copenhagen. She got all the hype and was at every single event to give all of her energy.

The First Timer: Hayley Wilson

What was your first time in Copenhagen like?

HW: It was so hectic—so many people. I had so much fun and can’t wait for next year!

Any similarities between Australia and Denmark?

HW: If I’m going to be honest, not really—haha two completely different places.

How did CPH set the pace for your summer?

HW: It was a very nice way to start the summer! Apparently it’s cold and wet everyday back home in Australia—couldn’t think of anything worse right now.

Who do you crown King or Queen of Copenhagen?

HW: I crown Jamie Foy—he was ripping. I could watch him skate all day.

Hometown Hero: Hugo Boserup

What's it like having thousands of skaters in your city?

HB: Exhausting. It’s super fun, though. It feels unreal running into so many people you know in such a small space.

Why do you think Copenhagen is so supportive of skateboarders?

HB: I think the city realized how unique of a place it is and how much potential it holds. It would be a shame not to use that.

What was it like to see Ville go pro?

HB: It’s been a long time coming—one of the best moments I’ve witnessed in skating.

How was it judging the Under Broen session?

HB: It was sick. People were fired up. It’s fun to give away cash to people.

Seemed like you were everywhere, did you skate every event?

HB: I think I only missed the prison session.

Who do you crown King or Queen of Copenhagen?

HB: Ville Wester and Nicole Hause.

All photos by Marcel Veldman.