Skate Like a Girl

In its 20+ year existence, Skate Like a Girl has utilized skateboarding as a vehicle to promote confidence, leadership, and social justice, creating space for stories like Alexa's (see "Transenders" below) and countless others. The parallels between the work this organization has been doing for decades and the accomplishments of non-traditional skaters are boundless and timeless.

Skate Like a Girl | Transenders

Nike SB, @SkateLikeAGirl and @curatorpictures proudly present “Transenders”, a film exploring how the power of community allows you to be your true self, overcome failure, and transcend fear.

Directed, filmed, edited with final color and score by all-female and/or queer creative leaders.

Hear More from Alexa Berriochoa

Catch up with Alexa to hear about her strides, progress, and growth since putting herself out there in “Transenders” in 2022.


"In Our Shoes"

Since its inception, Skate Like a Girl has created space for people that historically have been excluded or faced barriers to access.

"This zine serves as a snapshot of our community and our collective impact; a collage of stories, portraits, and action shots. Learn what skateboarding means to people in our shoes."


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Skate Like a Girl Dunk Low

Using classic colors and artwork that champions collaboration and unity, the Skate Like a Girl Dunk Low keeps the colorway clean, adding corduroy materials and custom artwork that illustrates their commitment to bettering skateboarding.

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Meet the Skate Like a Girl Crew

We spoke with Skate Like a Girl directors Kristin Ebeling and Kim Woozy about their involvement with Skate Like a Girl, the collaboration, and the future of the program.


With “In Our Shoes,” now available digitally for all to digest, revisit, and share, we spoke to S.I.C. Program Manager Sima Safavi-Bayat about creating the zine and the deeper themes within it.


S.I.C. - Skateboarding Inclusivity Cooperative

A cohort-based leadership program for grassroots skateboarding community leaders who identify as queer, trans, and/or women.

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Meet the S.I.C. Leaders

Meet the founder of A Positive Seed, Christiana Smith, where a school project, deeply rooted in her experiences as a skateboarder in Midwest, ignited a spark that has kept her relentlessly sowing seeds of positivity for nearly a decade.


Catch up with froSkate founder Karlie Thornton and how the scene in Chicago not only energized her love for skateboarding but also encouraged her to step into a leadership role whilst learning the impact of building and sustaining a team.


Meet Maya Haptas, the brain behind Shred Your Fears, where she emphasized the notion that it's never ‘too late’ and how skateboarding continues to be a game-changer, allowing countless individuals to keep their spirits high.


Are you part of or do you know of any crews or orgs led by queer, trans, and/or women skaters? Email Skate Like A Girl’s Program Manager Sima at to be added to the S.I.C. Community Slack Server.

S.I.C. is in partnership with Nike Made to Play and Converse.

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