Daan Van Der Linden

Antihero, Spitfire, Independent, Volcom, Modus Bearings, 100% Skateshop


April 18


Eindhoven, NLD

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BLZR Court

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The ease at which Daan Van Der Linden does the hardest of things is so exaggerated that videos sometimes show his bails to prove that isn’t always that casual. His refusal to deem any surface or obstacle unskatable is almost comical, making it a mental challenge to think of a trick he couldn’t do on the steepest or harshest spots. And for proof of concept, Daan routinely puts that ethos into action by logging hammers on skating’s most iconic spots, making his work a part of their legacy.

Daan Van Der Linden

Trips are better with the homies. Wieger, Youness, Oski, Fernando, and Jacopo head to Gran Canaria with the newest SB pro. Welcome to the team, Daan.


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