Grant Taylor

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October 30


Atlanta, GA

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Blazer GT

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Nothing planned, everything gained. Groomed by his dad Thomas—a former pro and Atlanta skateboarding stalwart—Grant Taylor’s spontaneous all-terrain attack is part of his DNA. He guts out every session with an innate feel that defines the moment. The commitment to put every effort into each photo, trip, trick, and part, Grant’s grassroots push landed him Thrasher Magazine’s SOTY award in 2011 and continues to be in the conversation every single year.

Bruised Peach

GT for GA. Grant charges in his latest Blazer, the "Bruised Peach", a nod to his southern roots. Like a good hipper, the "Bruised Peach" Swoosh wears away revealing a deep purple underneath the more they're worn in. "The 'Bruised Peach' is spot on. It's got an even better look once worn and torn, beat up and bruised." -- Grant Taylor
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