Guy Mariano

Numbers Edition, Spitfire, Thunder, Active Rideshop


March 31


Los Angeles, CA

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A true product of Video Days, Guy Mariano was one of the first pro skateboarders to evolve on camera and simultaneously shape what a part could be. His throughline has always been the ability to mix avant-garde and complex, with rawness and poise. Though he’s impacted street skating exponentially, his part in Girl Skateboards Mouse (1996) has become canon, to the point where there’s never a list of greatest video parts that omits it.

Guy Mariano

One of the greatest skateboarders of all-time, Guy Mariano represents decades of influence and accomplishment while setting the bar currently with innovation and style. He is the favorite skater to many of the worlds best and today we are proud to be able to say, welcome to the Nike SB team, Guy.

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