Lacey Baker

Meow, Spitfire, Independent, Bronson, Mob, Pawnshop Skate Co


November 24


New York, NY

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Lacey Baker has always let determination lead their skateboarding. Defiant with purpose, Lacey’s command of their narrative is as adept as their skill on a skateboard. Never shy to use their platform, Lacey’s input on the Nike SB Bruin Hi was pivotal in both function and statement, as they used the shoe itself to champion Women and the LGBTQ community that they proudly represent.

Lacey Baker x Bruin Hi

Lacey Baker visualizes inclusiveness and equality in this video part for the Women's Bruin Hi.


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Before Wheels of Fortune 2019 kicked off in Seattle, the GIZMO crew hit up Bellevue Skate Plaza. Join Elissa, Lacey, Sarah and Leticia’s session.

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