Rayssa Leal

April, Monster Energy , MRV, and Bancodobrasil.


January 4


Imperatriz, BR

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Verona Slip

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What innocently began with a single clip was only a flash of Rayssa Leal’s potential and promise. Since going viral, Rayssa keeps doubling down and pushing her street skills past her years and peers. Born in Brazil, Rayssa’s flair and determination quickly thrust her onto the national stage. Constant progression and prowess has taken her to the top of the podium and into the upper echelon of skating, breaking conventions and expectations in real-time.

Verona Slip by Rayssa Leal

Viral to victory. Inspiration to icon.

Rayssa Leal’s mix of imagination and determination endeared her to the world and made her a role model for a new generation. At only 7-years-old, a single heelflip clip set off a fairy tale career that’s taken her to the podium and beyond, and this Verona Slip celebrates her rise.


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