Sean Malto

Sponsors: Girl Skateboards, Thunder Trucks, Spitfire Wheels, Escapist Skateboarding, Mountain Dew, GoPro, Beats by Dre


September 9


Kansas City, KS

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In many ways, Sean Malto’s rise in skateboarding is both “local boy makes good” and a complete anomaly. That really gifted grom at the park rarely goes from shop kid to elite sponsors, especially when that park is located in a town in the midwest, far from the heart of the industry. From the age of 10, Malto was so disciplined in his pursuit of a skate career that his success was almost mathematically predetermined. Even after suffering a major ankle injury, he exudes all the fluidity that established his presence on screen and in the contest circuit.

Sean Malto / Elite Squad

Back in classic form, Sean Malto kicks off the Nike SB Elite Squad video series- featuring guest appearances from friends Guy Mariano and Antonio Durao.


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