Dunk Low, Mid & High Pro SB

Three Bears Pack

Official colorway

Light Umber/Grasshopper, Watermellon & Hot House

Date Released

November 2006

Box Color

Black Box

Using a 19th-century fairy tale about three boisterous bears and an overly curious young girl, the Three Bears Pack featured a Dunk High, Mid and Low, mirroring the cast and coat of the popular allegory. At the time of its release, the pack and the furry upper featured on each of the Dunks was one of the most over-the-top and theatrical series created by SB. The Mid had a specific tie to the tale as it was the first time it appeared in the SB line and was seen as an outlier by the design team; specifically, James Arizumi who argued that if they already had a Low and High, the debut of the Mid had to have pop and purpose. Using the triptych theme from Goldilocks as inspiration, the Bears were born.
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Three Bears unreleased sample.