Dunk High Pro SB


Official colorway


Date Released

March 2018

Box Color

Teal Box Era

After years of designing for skateboarders, including Brian Anderson and Grant Taylor, Nike SB and AntiHero Skateboards have finally collaborated on footwear and apparel. The collection includes a Nike SB Zoom Dunk High Pro and Zoom Blazer Low, along with a coach’s jacket, football jersey, and backpack.

Anderson led much of the collection’s development over the last year during work sessions at Blue Ribbon Studios.He made the Dunk black with a gumsole and put his initials, “BA,” on the left heel. Taylor’s input informed the Blazer, which is grey with a gum sole and has his initials, “GT,” on the right heel. Both shoes have the numbers “1” and “8” on them.

The numbers are clever code for AH (AntiHero), with the “1” referring to “A,” the first letter of the alphabet, and the “8” referring to “H,” the eighth letter of the alphabet.

“We're pretty lucky in SB, because a lot of our athletes are also artists,” says Jesse Leyva, Senior Design Director for Nike SB.” One of the best elements of this collaboration, and what makes it truly unique, is that the athletes are the ones—Brian really—who said, ‘We should do this!’”