Kebab And Destroy


In 2008 Vassilis Aramvoglou wanted to open more than a skateshop—he was driven to create a cultural hub for Athens’ burgeoning skate scene. He saw a wide open opportunity in Psirri, a neighborhood with a close proximity to spots and undervalued commercial spaces due to its reputation as “undesirable.” Down for the underground, Vassilis recognized not only the potential of a basement space on Protogenous Street but a vision for a brand. “I was at a crossroads in my career and saw an opportunity,” he says. “People questioned the location even though it was in the center of Athens and a basement? They thought I was crazy. It was the first shop I checked out. Skateshops were changing from the old school shops covered in stickers to a more boutique feel. I knew I wanted to paint the entire shop black and name it Color.”

For the first few years, the shop endured an economic crisis throughout Greece and intense social unrest but Color mobilized and focused on events that not only fueled the skate scene but brought people to the area which is now a destination known for its bars, restaurants, vintage shops, and record stores that many call “The SOHO of Athens.” That acumen comes directly from skateboarding—seeing the potential and value of what most overlook. Vassilis emphasizes Color’s commitment to only carrying brands with roots in skateboarding that share the love of giving back. Color’s grown not only through their curation and contributions to Athens’ scene but with a resolute and infectious persistence.

Our shop's motto is ‘For the poor, cool, and beautiful.’ We want to be on the good side of life for everyone and always stay true to skateboarding’s culture.

- Vassilis Aramvoglou

That mission statement made Color Athens’ go-to shop and center of the scene. For their collaboration with Nike SB, Color wanted a colorway that wrapped up their love of skateboarding, on-the-go Greek culture, and late nights, in one hot colorway. The Kebab Dunk mixes layers of color and texture that pull from a street food classic and add local flavor.

Kebab and Destroy

Color Skates celebrates 13 years of serving Athens' skate community with an SB Dunk High wrapped up in the shop's love of skateboarding, on-the-go Greek culture, and late nights.

Featuring Panos Loupis, Artur Kyvyliov, and Haris Markou on the grill.
Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Kostas Mandilas.

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The Kebab and Destroy Dunk High releases in select skateshops June 26th.