Elissa Steamer

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July 31


San Francisco, CA

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Gifted in more than just her prowess on a skateboard, Elissa Steamer’s presence changed skateboarding. With a stand out part in a video that put the skateboarding industry on notice, Elissa’s part in Welcome to Hell (1996) had a special weight to it, not only for being the first female to have a street part in a major video but also because she was integral in presenting skateboarding in an entirely new way to everyone.

Gnarhunters | Begging To Be Rad

Begging to be rad in Puerto Rico with Gnarhunters. Elissa Steamer, Nicole Hause, Jake Anderson, Leticia Bufoni, Eric Koston, and Mason Silva suit up in the Dunk Low by Gnarhunters to hit PR breaks, crusty DIYs, and avoid getting tagged by the @kookoftheday.


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